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How to Heal a Broken Heart

1. Go to the dark and formerly forbidden store, open the glass door. Then, get a bottle from the lower shelf in the center. You are more elastic now than you will ever be.

2. A campus of thousands has libraries with hidden corners, books with hidden covers. There’s a softness in a hardback.

3. Relate to someone else’s words as if no one else ever had. Over and over and over again, in hours you aren’t supposed to know.

4. This is not the time for common sense, or saying no to drives for no reason and streets with only the streetcleaners.

5. Like cigarettes, Camus is ok rarely and on weekends.

6. Poetry, even when bad, is read and written with wine in hand.

7. Go over to his house when he asks, when he doesn’t, when you know you are dragging it like a deer dead before the headlights.

8. Spend each night somewhere else, so the 8pms on your porch with the fireflies mean something.

9. Prepare to move away.

10. Prepare to wake up three years later, in bed with someone who will make you forget your heart was ever broken.



I’m doing National Poem Writing Month (or…trying to). I’ll be posting them here!

For more info check out the website here.

Ricardo in Potluck Mag

Wrote this piece this summer, when I was staring at the trains from my window- scared of leaving and scared of staying. Wondering if you could ever replicate first love, or being 19, or that ungodly combo of both. Being self destructive and making up boys who were self destructive, as if that hadn’t been what happened the first go round.

Anyway. This is about a boy and a girl and love and transience and newness and oldness and how the train went by the window before me and after me.



Poems in Yellow Mama

I forgot to announce this when it was published, but some of my favorite recent poems were recently published in Yellow Mama! You can find them in the archive here. They were the ones I most liked to read at poetry/art parties, often while holding a bottle of wine. The editor thinks I’m a dude and I didn’t bother to correct her EH I like the air of mystery.


I’ve published Issue One of Dead Friends Zine! A collection of poetry, art and miscellany! Will happily send it anywhere in America + would love to zine trade.tumblr_nrk79nIuNZ1tuimrdo1_540

email me at for more info!

Plus follow the tumblr + see more pics!

Five poems in bottlec[r]ap

These are some of my favorites. Poems about houses friends moved away from, cities I will hopefully move to and people who have moved on. Read here

Short, Fast, and Deadly

rearranged some of Jack Kerouac’s words and called it art. You can find it in the Short, Fast, and Deadly mag which is both online and (!) in print. Exciting.


The Zine is Dead

Oh boy I love zines! I love fangirling! I love local music! Here’s a sick zine outta the UK that features 2 bands from my lovely home state. I wrote a gig review of one of my favorite local bands [and one of my favorite group of guys in town, lets get real] You can read the whole zine here, I hope you dig:



I decided I may as well have a place to collect all the writing of mine that is scattered across the internet. Maintain my web brand. Every time I get something published it’ll go onto my “Publications” page. If you still can’t get enough, here are my other websites:

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